NHS Treatments

NHS Treatments

The surgery offers a comprehensive range of NHS health care.

Baby clinic

The Health Visiting team runs a weekly baby clinic on a Wednesday afternoon by appointment only.

Blood tests

By appointment with the HCA.

Carers register

Please register if you are a carer for another person.  We offer carers support, advice and care.  Carers can request an assessment form Social Services.

Cervical screening

The practice follows the recommended guidelines from the National Cervical Screening Programme.  Cervical Screening should be undertaken from the age of 25 with three yearly checks between the ages of 25-49.  Then every 5 years between the ages of 50-64.  Cervical smears can be done during surgery hours, usually by Vicky Stead.  When you book the appointment, please tell the receptionist that it is for a cervical smear so that enough time can be allocated.  If you are unsure when you are due a cervical smear, please check with your doctor or practice nurse.

Child Health Checks

Child Health Checks are undertaken by the Health Visiting team at appropriate timescales.  These checks include – A primary birth visit at 10-14 days. 8 week GP check. 8 month check, 2 year check and a Pre-school check.  Appointments for these child health checks are arranged by the Health Visiting Team.  Child development checks are offered at  agreed by national guidelines and any problems are followed up.

Childhood immunisations

Appointments for childhood immunisations are arranged by the health visiting team or the surgery and administered by the practice nurses, again these are administered at intervals agreed by national guidelines. 

Counselling service

We have counsellors available at the surgery who can offer help where appropriate.  Ask your doctor if you feel you could benefit from this service.

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is available up to 3 days after you have been at risk.  Please inform reception that you require an urgent same day appointment with either the practice nurse or doctor.

Family planning

The doctor is happy to provide contraceptive advice during normal appointment times.  Coils and implants are fitted by special appointment; please mention this to the doctor or receptionist when requesting the appointment.  Please ask to speak in confidence and this can be arranged. 

Flu clinic

Flu clinics are set up by the surgery in the Autumn free of charge.  Those particularly at risk include the elderly and those with chronic problems such as asthma, and diabetes according to the national guidelines.  Flu clinics are widely advertised around the surgery.  Appointments are with the practice nurses.

INR clinic

This is a new service to Crescent Surgery.  If you are on Warfarin treatment and attend the hospital for a blood test on a regular basis, the surgery can provide this service to you in-house.  Please consult with your doctor who will refer you to our new in-house service.


Antenatal and early postnatal care by appointment only. 

Minor Surgery

Please consult with your doctor for this service.  Surgeries are held for removal of skin lesions and joint injections.

Palliative care

The palliative care service is provided by the District Nursing Team in partnership with their colleagues from the specialist services.  Please speak with your doctor for this service.


If you feel you would benefit from physiotherapy treatment, please consult with one of the doctors who would be happy to refer you on to the hospital.

Pneumonia vaccinations

Undertaken during the autumn free of charge.  Those particularly at risk include the elderly and those with chronic problems such as asthma and diabetes.  Please book an appointment with the practice nurse.

Repeat prescribing service

If you, or someone you care for, use the same medicines regularly, you may be able to benefit from repeat dispensing from the pharmacist or online. This means you won’t have to visit the surgery or make an appointment to see the Doctor or Practice Nurse every time you need more medicine. To discuss this service, please enquire at reception.

Disease clinic

For the Spirometry / Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes or Asthma clinics, please book with the Practice Nurse for this service.

Vaccinations and immunisations

All vaccinations and immunisations are given by the practice nurses. 

Vulnerable patients

A register of vulnerable patients is maintained at the practice and a process has been implemented to ensure that these patients are monitored and cared for.  If you or anyone you care for is vulnerable or at risk, be it temporarily or permanently, please let us know.


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