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We are the first Primary Care Home in Dorset


We have just been confirmed as the first Primary Care Home (PCH) in Dorset by the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC). This is in recognition of our patient population size, but also of the way that we work with:


  • an integrated workforce, with a strong focus on partnerships spanning primary, secondary and social care;
  • a focus on personalisation of care with improvements in population health outcomes;
  • a strategic plan and budget containing clinical and financial drivers


The model of working is one that is recommended in the NHS Five Year Forward Plan and there are currently 211 Primary Care Homes in the UK, with the majority based in major cities. That we are leading the way in Dorset, as the first example of this model of working has brought us a lot of recognition for the innovative work that we do.


Read more about the Primary Care Home model here.



Providence and branch sites still Outstanding!


The Providence Surgery, along with its branch sites, Strouden Park Surgery, Crescent Surgery and The Village Medical Practice, has been rated as Outstanding in its inspection for the second time.


The inspection took place in February, when inspectors from the CQC visited all four sites. The achievement is testament to our continued commitment to providing excellent care for our patients. In particular, we are especially proud of the work we have undertaken at The Village Medical Practice, which was rated as Inadequate in its 2016 inspection, before the practice became one of our branch sites. Providence Surgery was previously rated as Outstanding in its 2015 inspection.

Read the report here.

Change to Clinical Appointment Availability

From 16th July 2018, on Mondays and Fridays, clinical services for Crescent patients will be run from Providence and Strouden Park surgeries. This is to maximise GP and nurse availability for all patients across our surgery group and support the ongoing training of new doctors.

Although our GP appointments on Mondays and Fridays will be based at other sites, Crescent Surgery opening hours will remain the same, with the building open for patients to make enquiries, book appointments and collect prescriptions.

For more information please click here to read our full Patient Information release.

Protected Learning Time (PLT)

This is time that is allocated by Dorset Commissioning Group (CCG) for the surgery to close to the public in order to deliver staff development sessions. During the following times, the surgery will be closed and all calls answered by 111:


Tuesday 26th March, 15.30-18.30

Tuesday 21st May 2019 15:30-18:30

Wednesday 26th June 2019 15:30-18:30

Tuesday 23rd July 2019 15:30-18:30

Thursday 5th September 2019 13:30-16:30

Tuesday 26th November 2019 15:30-18:30

Tuesday 14th January 2020 15:30-18:30

Wednesday 25th March 2020 15:30-18:30

The Crescent Surgery Merger

The Crescent Surgery and the Providence Surgery (along with its branch surgery – Strouden Park Medical Centre) will officially merge and better deliver services to the combined patient population.

The purpose behind the merger and the benefits it will provide are as follows:

•    Increased access to GP, Nurse and HCA appointments due to the option of booking appointments across sites.


•    Enable access to the Emergency Walk-In facility each day between 0830 and 1230 at the Providence Surgery.


•     Cost saving enabling the reinvestment of funds into the patient experience.


•    Streamlined structuring of non-clinical work allowing Doctors and Nurses to hold more clinical appointments for patients.


•    Increased access to a variety of specialist services such as Psychiatry, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, Echocardiogram, Vascular Scanning, Diabetic Eye Screening, Advanced Nurse Prescribers, Specialist Emergency Paramedics, Chiropractors, Podiatry, and Specialist Sports Rehabilitation that are currently available to Providence and Strouden Park Surgeries.

Frequently  Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will I still be able to see my own Doctor?

You will still be able to book a routine appointment with the Doctor of your choice.

Will I still be able to attend the same premises?

You can attend the same premises as you visit now but in the future you will be able to choose where you go. 

Will I still be able to contact you on the same telephone number?

You will be able to use the same telephone number as normal. 

Will I be able to request my repeat prescription the same way as now?

You will be able to request and collect your repeat prescription in the same way as you do now. We plan to explore ways of improving this service so that it is easier for our patients to receive their regular medications. 

 Will I still be registered at my current practice?

You will be registered with the new merged practice but you can still see your own Doctor and you can still attend the site of your choice. 

Will the merged practice be taking new registrations?

The merged practice will be registering new patients. 

Will the merged practice have a different name?

No, the merged practice will continue to operate under the Crescent surgery name but will become a branch surgery of the Providence Surgery.  

Who have you consulted with?

We are in continuing discussions with NHS Dorset CCG and NHS England. We will also be discussing with other local community groups. 

Will there be any changes to staff?

No, all staff will be transferred over to the new merged practice.

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