Complaints Procedure

We strive to deliver a level of medical and non-medical care that will not give rise to a complaint.  However, if you feel you have a genuine complaint regarding the level of care received, we invite you to follow our complaints procedure, which is as follows:-

If you have a complaint about the service that you have received from the doctors or staff working for this practice you are entitled to ask for an explanation.  We operate an in-house complaints procedure as part of the NHS system to deal with your complaints.  This procedure does not deal with matters of legal liability or compensation.  In some cases the in-house procedure is not an appropriate form of investigation, in which case you will be referred to the appropriate authority. 

This procedure does not affect your right to make a formal complaint to the Dorset Health Authority or Health Board if you so wish.  Nor does it affect your right to seek compensation in law. 

Your complaint should be addressed to our Practice Manager who will ensure that it is investigated thoroughly and as speedily as possible.  We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days where by we will let you know how the complaint will be handled and how long it is likely to take. We will send a written response as soon as is reasonably practicable after completing the investigation.

Please note that the practice must ensure strict adherence to the rules of medical confidentiality.  We cannot provide confidential information without appropriate authority if you are not the patient in question.

A copy of our complaint form is available.  You do not have to use it, but may prefer to set out your complaint in your own way.  We can help you to write down your complaint if you feel you need help to do so.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Practice Manager who will be pleased to assist you. 
NHS Complaints Procedure

We hope that if you have a problem you will use our In-house Complaints Procedure. We believe this will give us the best chance of putting right whatever has gone wrong and will give us the opportunity to improve our Practice.

You may choose to make your complaint orally, in writing or electronically to:

0300 311 2233

Complaints Manager
NHS Commissioning Board
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT

NHS choices - feedback:

We learn from every mistake that we make and we attempt to respond to patients concerns in a caring and sensitive way.

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